Sweet Root – Lithuania – Vilnius

We celebrate our first ever post with a lovely meal we want to talk to you about at the Sweet Root – Vilnius – first stop of our Baltic adventure.

The restaurant have got a nice minimalist touched in the Artist quarter of Užupio, walked in and felt welcome right away.

Nothing to choose here, as they only serve the “seasonal inspired local cuisine” tasting menu which we especially came from to have a taste of refine Lithuanian food.

We were amazed by this 7 courses plus some nibbles which were simple, bold, and without tricks, pure and flavourful ingredients taste! ( Menu at the end of this post )

W favourite was the cottage with gooseberries and goose leaves… Exactly nothing existing about that but my god, you need to try it, it was creamy, fatty, almost comfort food with some interesting taste of the goosefoot leaves, and then you bite a gooseberry and get a kick back of acidity, just fantastic.

The owner which is amazing at greetings and telling stories, is also very playful, must say serving Côtes de Provence ( rosé wine ) to a French man is very… brave but I must say the combination with the Radish and Strawberries of our first starter was very good.

For W it’s a no brainer – don’t go to Vilnius without visiting this place of delicate but real Lithuanian flavour.

Menu : ( 65 euros, also include some nibbles at the start and during the menu – wine pairing was also available for 40 euros and was delicious )

  • Aspargus, chickweed, spruce tips
  • Radish, strawberries, dills
  • Cottage cheese, gooseberries, goosefoot leaves
  • Sturgeon, potatoes, nettles ( yes potato salad… but what a taste, mayo was divine!)
  • Ox cheeks, beetroots, onions
  • Pork, spinach, brain mushrooms
  • Rhubarb, yogurt, hazelnuts

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